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Thursday, August 7th, 2008
6:47 am
W... T... F?
Brett Favre... way to snatch headlines and mortgage your future, Jets.

Bets on when the Packers get those 3 no. 1's when it becomes obvious that Favre will chafe under Mangini's mad-sci habits? I mean, I wanted Chad gone, but not like this...

BTW, it's gonna be weird (not necessarily in a good way) hearing Jets bashing instead of Bear/Viking hate here at America's Milk Bar...
Monday, November 19th, 2007
12:07 pm
I guess we've had no reason to talk lately... Frankly, I'm still in shock from last night.

Regardless of the wins and losses, I am committed to going to the game provided there is no catastrophic traffic issue or 10ft of snow trapping the car.

On the bright side, I was happy (/surprised) at the sacks. I felt this aggression and eagerness that was reminiscent of Jon Favreau in The Replacements... it was like watching a freight train hit Roethlisberger...

I still can't get over the sketchiness of the game resolution. They can't just win... they have to make it a nail biter. Even against Miami!! To slay in the second half and give most of it back only win by 3?

Anyway. I'm not used to being happy. I hope to see this level of fervor for the remaining games.

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Tuesday, October 23rd, 2007
10:08 am
Mr. Pennington's arm is trying, but...
...the season is now offically bad when you can't outdo a Bengals team that hasn't shown very much defensively to this point. Mr. Clemens' audition has to start... and VERY soon.
Wednesday, April 11th, 2007
1:43 pm
Here's the Jets' Schedule for this year:

Week 1: 9/9 New England at Jets, 1pm
Week 2: 9/16 Jets at Baltimore, 4pm
Week 3: 9/23 Miami at Jets, 1pm
Week 4: 9/30 Jets at Buffalo, 1pm
Week 5: 10/7 Jets at Giants, 1pm
Week 6: 10/14 Philadelphia at Jets, 1pm
Week 7: 10/21 Jets at Cincinatti, 4pm
Week 8: 10/28 Buffalo at Jets, 4pm
Week 9: 11/4 Washington at Jets, 1pm
Week 10: Bye

Flex Scheduling Begins - Tentative Sunday Games are scheduled, but subject to change

Week 11: 11/18 Pittsburgh at Jets, 1pm
Week 12: 11/22 (Thanksgiving) Jets at Dallas, 4pm
Week 13: 12/2 Jets at Miami, 1pm
Week 14: 12/9 Cleveland at Jets, 4pm
Week 15: 12/16 Jets at New England, 1pm
Week 16: 12/23 Jets at Tennessee, 4pm
Week 17: 12/30 Jets at Kansas City, 8pm - Tentatively the final game of the NFL season.

Playoffs (Always good to hope)
AFC Wild Cards: 1/5 or 1/6
AFC Divisional Playoffs: 1/12 or 1/13
AFC Championship: 1/20
Super Bowl XLII: 2/3
Monday, March 5th, 2007
7:52 pm
Sunday, November 12th, 2006
9:12 pm
I am so proud of Gang Green today. My only fault with them is letting their guard down to allow the 31sec TD.

We rocked, of course I had a couple of mini heart attacks... but we won!



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Sunday, October 29th, 2006
8:35 am

The Jets are next to last in this clicky for cans thing, you can vote once a day and it's for a good cause!

Now, yes I am posting this to the Jets community because I am hoping for Jets clicks -- but pass this on to your friends and they can click on whatever team they want to support!

I got this forward from a Steelers fan and they are in the lead...

Click your hearts out, people!

Monday, October 16th, 2006
10:06 am
I'm surprised there hasn't been a post yet...

How do we all feel about yesterday's game?

Me... while a win is a win, and it's good - I'm gonna die an early death because it's so stressful watching them squander a 10pt lead to only win by 3 instead.

As I left the other day, I was saying to my bf how it's odd that when you're behind by 6 and then pull it out and win by 1, it's a triumph, but when you're up by 10 and then squeak out the win by 3, it's too close for comfort and hard to give the defense the kudos they deserve.
Monday, October 9th, 2006
10:38 am
What the hell happened? I don't live in or near NY, so I couldn't watch the game. I only know that our offense did absolutely nothing, our defense is crap, and it's been that way for years. Can't we tighten the D? What is missing here?
12:01 am
It's late (after midnight in the UK), and all I can say is that today was a disgrace.


This result could kill our season, if the team lets it to affect them. They probably won't, but after a loss like this, I can't find it in me to launch into a rage. Our next few games are winnable, so by the time we reach our bye week, this could be a distant memory.

It still hurts, though.
Monday, September 25th, 2006
11:29 pm
Great game and MNF
Jets win over the Bills was a great win. It means that the Colts cannot put us below .500 even if they win. Jets normally do well at the meadowlands against the colts. We shall see. Chad had yet another good game with a very good passer rating. Coles was outstanding despite not eing 100%. Chris Baker has been much better than he was last year.

How about Nick Mangold? Is he tough out there. I think his development is going more than well. The TD run by Barlow the O line knocked half the bills down on their butts.

Kerry Rhodes is one hell of a playmaker. Who knew a safety could have this many sacks and forced fumbles this quickly in one season? He is obviously a play maker and is a force anywhere he is on the field. He is young too. It looks like the Jets may have found an elite player in the rough.

Great game out of Graham. You redeem yourself from the shank. good job.

ok Dwayne you just stink. go away.

It is kind of exciting watching MNF in New Orleans. Though i think the importance of the game is being blown out of proportion a bit. The Saints are really putting on a show though.

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Thursday, September 14th, 2006
7:29 pm
I am sorry the Jets website was much easier to use and much better organized last year. WHY DID YOU CHANGE THE LAYOUT??
Sunday, September 10th, 2006
10:17 pm
Great Win
Chad is back. I just want to announce this. I have waited for a long time to make that announcement. As the last person who was still on the Chad bandwagon it was fulfilling to me to see him pull one out when all looked like it was caving in. Chad just does not let that happen. He is a real competitor and a winner. He just wins. He did it again today. Way to be Chad. I always knew you were the man.

Dyson had a great game on defense. I hope his injury was not that bad. Justin Miller blew a big tackle. Very good job by the Defense in General.

Graham had an awesome game kicking. Nugent was terrible and owes Pennington a dinner for bailing him out. He would be the goat of the week, but a win makes heroes not goats. You get a pass today young man. Do not have more like this or you will be gone quick in this league. Plenty of kickers around.

I cannot say enough for the O-line. The wideouts were terriffic. They are deeper than in recent years and are much more athletic in general.

Brad Smith showed he is the playmaker. I love him and am proud to say he carried it over to the regular season.

Barton had a good game back from missing a year with injury. Kimo was good in his debut for the Jets.

Good win. always nice to win on the road. Lets bring it home now. Congrats Eric on your first NFL headcoach win.
Tuesday, September 5th, 2006
1:47 am
A week away, cant wait. Titans are going down, whether Vince young Plays, or not. J E T S JETS JETS JETS!!!!!
Friday, August 11th, 2006
10:19 pm
Pre Season One
It is a sad day when the best the announcers can come up with is: "Glass half empty or glass half full? Pennington comes out of the game uunnscaithed so I think it's half full."
Sunday, April 30th, 2006
9:12 pm
The Jets had a strong draft IMO. I am not sure what the immediate plans are for 1st rounder Mangold being that they just signed Trey Teague who will be the starting Center without a doubt. Can someone explain?

It appears they want a bigger stronger OL than in the recent past when they preferred smaller, more athletic ones. I can see them changing to favor a more power inside attack.
Tuesday, February 7th, 2006
9:51 pm
Bradway out?
An interesting e-mail I just received from Jets Insider...

The Jets have called a “Major” press conference for 3PM today and it’s reportedly to announce that Terry Bradway is out as the Jets’ general manager and will be replaced by assistant GM Mike Tannenbaum.

Multiple sources are confirming the news. Tannenbaum, 36, who is being promoted from the assistant GM position and has been with the Jets organization for nine years and will reportedly take over Bradway’s duties immediately.

Sources say that Bradway, who has been with the organization for five seasons as GM, for now will stay with the team in a reduced role, possibly in scouting or player evaluation. He still has two years remaining on his contract.

Saturday, February 4th, 2006
3:30 am
hate the patsies?! here is more of a reason
DETROIT, MI Patriots quarterback Tom Brady will be on the field prior to kickoff of Super Bowl XL. But this year he'll have a different role, the coin-flipper.

The NFL says the two-time Super Bowl MVP will become the first active player, to participate in the coin toss.

The league is honoring the past Super Bowl MVP's with a pre-game ceremony. Patriots receiver Deion Branch, MVP in last year's win over Philadelphia, will also be there.

(© MMVI, CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved.)

found this on the cbs-4 tv website from boston mass........ think the NFL is showing a lil too much pro-patsie bias?!
Tuesday, January 10th, 2006
5:58 am
Pennington: admirable and hated.
Although I think the Jets should try to trade for that first pick overall (in order to get Bush) or just trade their first pick away to get an established back to share duties with the aging Curtis Martin (or maybe sign some free agent like *gasp* Shawn Alexander), it's dubious they'll do anything of the sort with their cap troubles. Since Bush will be gone, Young's probably gonna end up in Tennessee or New Orleans, and Leinart will probably go to the team that doesn't get Young, the Jets are gonna have start with the second class of the draft. They'll probably draft a quarterback, and everyone will cheer.

Chad Pennington never did anything but the best for the organization. His career QB rating is 92.1, he's among the most accurate passers in the NFL (65.1 %, .66 interceptions per game), and the Jets won when he played (21-16, 2-2 postseason), with two playoff appearances in the three years he started a majority of the games. He was good in the redzone (I don't remember the ridiculous stat that was floating all over ESPN last year), and although his arm was bum, he could hurl the ball (to receivers like Justin McCareins). He captained a pretty dismal offense that never really attempted to be explosive.

Even though I've done it off an on, I promise not to play down Pennington anymore, especially when I compare him to someone like Herman Edwards. Who remembers last year when John Abraham wouldn't play through an injury in the playoffs? Pennington easily could have sat on the sidelines to repair his arm, but he went out there and played well against a tough San Diego team (who should send Schottenheimer over to New York, thank you) and kept the Jets in a game against Pittsburgh that they should have won. But John Abraham, he's fine, and we're cheering him now, but Jets fans slight Pennington, who sacrificed his health for the team. Herm Edwards cut and run after a season whose woes were blamed on Pennington's early season injury, even though I don't know many Jets fan who really wanted to see him gone. Pennington recently vowed he'd be back in New York, although everybody I know that likes the Jets want to see him replaced.

I hope that he's the feel-good story of next year. He wins the Wild Card (sorry, Chad, not enough faith to win the AL East), wins a playoff game or two, and no one questions who has that job for another five years.

Would the Jets have stood a chance this year if he was at full health? They would have stood a better chance. (I'd give them a conservative 8-8. I don't see them as a luckier team than the Jaguars or a better team than the Steelers.) But Chad Pennington never bailed on the fans. We bailed on him.
Wednesday, January 4th, 2006
7:54 pm
Herm gone!
It appears Herm is gone. I don't see anyone I really want to replace him out there right now. I dislike going after college coaches and I do not think any current staff member can handle the job...who out there do you guys want? I think they all stink.
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